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Many political districts are approximately 30% Democrat, 30% Republican and 40% unaffiliated or non-voters. So a few thousand or even a few hundred voters can swing victory one way or another.

Unaffiliated Voters tend be concerned with specific issues, and non-voters tend to have reasons why they do not vote. Address those things with them, and your odds of victory will increase. Our systems focus on reaching the unaffiliated and non-voting 40%

Candidate ads, incumbent messaging and issue ads and programs, is all we do.

  • We Do "Hybrid Promotional Campaigns" - We create all of the messaging vehicles you need, and distribute them for you. This includes Print Media, Multiple Websites, Weekly/Daily Email Newsletters, Social Media Management, Short and long Form Video Ads and Programing, and then we deliver it all through Mass Emailing and Mass Internet Sharing.
  • We Do Web Design - We believe that your web presence can not be big enough, whatever you are already doing, we will probably want to take that times ten. Multiple websites carrying different messaging designed to be linked to every major Social Media Outlet, so your followers can easily spread the news far and wide for you. What good is great messaging if nobody sees it? We distribute and promote our websites via HTML email Newsletters. 
  • We Do Creative Media Content - State of the Art, Super Media is our specialty. We can do anything a major television network or movie production studio can do, and keep it all under our own control. This allows us to cut the red tape and react and respond in hours not weeks.
  • We Do Video - We have a small, discreet, well equipped audio/video studio with professional equipment, teleprompters, studio monitors and professional audio equipment. We can apply "green screen" effects, virtual sets, pre-recorded media and audio plugins like professional noise reduction, EQ and compression as we record your live video. We can also bring remote guests into your video projects and interact with them, while recording live. Anytime we need to come to you at you, at any location, we have "small footprint" equipment kits that are perfect for what needs to be done, quickly and efficiently.
  • We Do Print Design - We believe that print messaging is very important, but we don't believe in mailing it. Print messaging must be targeted to avoid wasting money on those who are already voting for you, or those who will not vote for you. We want to put print pieces where the unaffiliated voters and non-voters will see them. 
  • We Have Everything You Need In House - Keeping everything in one office and studio means efficiency and economy, and most importantly, more manageability. No waiting days or weeks for multiple busy providers to get back to you, or finish their parts on your schedule.

    We have some of the most talented musicians, script writers, graphic artists, media creators and editors at the ready to help you succeed, and we all like to make everything we do fun and easy for you.

Short "animated explainer" videos have proven to be a very effective form of "issue promotion" like the one on the left. We can do that.

Political cartoons have been changing elections and minds since the printing press was invented and probably before.
We can create them digitally and even base them on actual photographs of people and animate them with speech and movement.

A trailer for an animated series, designed, developed and produced completely in house. Credit to Tom Leonhardt for script writing and voicings.

A 30 second ad produced completely in house from 2020. Shout out to Bobby Drengler for the concept.

Hybrid video combining Live Subjects into Digital Backgrounds can be the most effective way to get your message across quickly and easily.

We own many thousands of dollars worth of digital assets including music, digital avatars, props, backgrounds and images for use in your projects.

This tells an important story that just may explain some of what we are up against in these times.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is the development and organization of informative content, and then the movement and the distribution of that information to multiple
targeted audiences.

We want to change the world,
one, or several videos at a time.

Our Promise

We will never knowingly transmit bad information, misinformation or any fraudulent materials in order to promote any cause or individual.

We will always respect your privacy,
and keep your information safe.

A Key Company Value

We will never knowingly violate or infringe on copyrighted materials, media or information. If it is found that we have inadvertently misused the property of others, we will immediately change or remove those properties from our documents or media in a transparent manner.

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